FutureVuls User Guide

This page outlines the documentation for FutureVuls and related materials.

Using FutureVuls for the first time

From the first login, to installing the scanner on the target server, to triaging the list of vulnerabilities for the first time, this is a step-by-step process.

If you have any questions when you first start using the system

Manuals for various functions.

When you want to know about newly registered functions

Here are the changes made to FutureVuls.


Standard Plan

This plan is available for small start (from 4,000 yen/month).

  • Want to manage vulnerability of a small number of systems.
  • Minimum contract is one unit and one month.
  • Standard plan supports credit card payment only.
    • If you want to pay by invoice, please use CSIRT Plan


The CSIRT Plan is equipped with functions to manage multiple systems cross-functionally and efficiently. It includes advanced triage support functions such as automatic alerts and automatic erasure functions based on predefined rules, as well as enterprise-oriented features such as audit logs.

  • All features of the Standard plan
  • Dashboard functionality
  • Groupset function to bundle multiple groups (systems)
  • Vulnerability management functionality across groups per group set
  • Automatic triage functionality
    • Advanced automatic triage functionality using SSVC
    • Automatic alerting function with pre-defined rules
    • Auto-hide functionality with pre-defined rules
  • Asset management function
    • Cross-search function for software in a group set
    • Cross-search of GPL-based OSS licenses within a group set
    • Software not subject to vulnerability management can be set in a batch.

In addition, the following enterprise-oriented features are provided

  • Audit log function
  • Billing payment

Switching from the STANDARD plan to the CSIRT plan requires separate application.

Terms and Guidelines

FutureVuls Cloud Service Terms of Use and Service Specifications.


For inquiries about FutureVuls, please click here.