Slack APP

By setting up the Slack app, you can receive various notifications on Slack.

Example of notification to Slack

Items to be notified on Slack

By registering the Slack App, you can receive Slack notifications at the following timings. Long notifications will be posted using Threads.

  • Daily Report
  • Notification of Topic Creation
  • Notification of Alert Tag Creation
  • Error Notification

How to set up

The rough flow of settings is as follows:

  1. Install the FutureVuls Slack App in Organization Settings.
  2. Initial setting of notifications in Group settings.
  3. Detailed setting of each notification in Group settings.

Organization settings

By registering the FutureVuls app in Slack Workspace, you can receive various notifications in the Channel on Slack. Detailed notification settings need to be done in each group setting.

Organization settings > Settings > Install Slack APP

image image

Group settings

By registering channels, you can notify newly detected vulnerabilities or topic creation notifications in the group to the corresponding channel.

Group settings > Notification > Slack APP

  • Setting contents
    • Slack Workspace: Select the Workspace installed in the organization settings
    • Default Channel ID: Set the ID of the channel to receive notifications
    • Default notification destination member ID: Set the member ID to mention when receiving notifications (multiple specifications are possible separated by commas)

After completing the initial settings in the group settings, you can make detailed settings for each notification.

Mention condition

Notification content Mention condition
Daily Report When there are important vulnerabilities
Notification of Topic Creation When a topic of Danger is created
Notification of Alert Tag Creation Always mention
Error Notification Always mention

How to find various IDs on Slack

  • How to find Channel ID