Creating Organizations

Create an organization, which is a collection of billing addresses.

  • Creation of an organization is required even for a trial.
  • No fees will be charged unless you register a credit card.
  • At least one organization is required.
  • Please refer to the manual Organizations, Groups for more details.

Screen Operations

  • When you log in for the first time, the Create Organization screen will appear. SelectCreate Organization. image.png
  • Enter the new organization information. After entering, select Next.
    • Organization Name: The identifying name of the organization.
    • Company / Individual: The name of the company or individual to be used as the billing address.
    • Individual/Corporate: Select the type of use: individual or corporate. image.png
  • Similarly, enter your contact information. After entering the information, selectSend.
    • Country
    • Postal code
    • State/Province
    • City/town/village
    • Street Address
    • Building name, room number
    • Phone number image.png

Selecting Send will open the group creation window.

Next,create group.