Group Set

  • Function to manage multiple groups across the organization
  • Dashboard
  • Ability to set multiple software as not in scope for vulnerability management
  • Dashboard feature to display vulnerability trends and days since task creation
  • Cross-asset management search function in Group Set
  • Cross-asset GPL OSS license search function in Group Set

Group Set Function Bundling Multiple Groups

Here’s how to create a Group Set function that can manage multiple groups across the organization.

  • Log in as an organization owner or a user with CSIRT authority.
  • Click the group name in the upper-left corner to display the group list and Group Set list.
  • Click the Group Set to switch to the CSIRT screen.


List of Vulnerabilities in Group Set

All vulnerabilities in all groups in the Group Set can be displayed.

  • For high-risk vulnerabilities, you can use topics to alert or attach a Danger flag. (Topics are for the organization as a whole.)
  • You can collectively hide vulnerabilities that do not require a response, and triage can be performed across multiple groups at the same time. image

Cross-Asset Software Name Search in Group Set

You can search for all software in all groups in the Group Set.

  • If you learn about high-risk vulnerabilities that have not been assigned a CVE-ID through news or other means, you can search for software across groups to check versions and open ports at once.

  • By conducting a cross-asset search for software names, you can instantly identify PCs that are affected within the organization and respond quickly.

  • By enabling the AGPL and GPL checkbox and searching for software, you can search for software with OSS license conditions that require attention.

  • For more information about licenses, please refer to Software Details> OSS License. image

  • Not only vulnerabilities detected by the scanner but also searches for registered CPEs and application dependency libraries can be performed.

  • You can also search for installed applications on Windows and update programs for Windows products (KB). csirt-hideamru

Cross-Asset GPL OSS License Search Function in Group Set

You can search for all GPL OSS licenses across all assets in the Group Set.