Trivy Scan Settings

Configurable options in Trivy scan

In the regular version of Trivy scan, there are options that can be specified using the /opt/vuls-trivy-saas/config.toml file.

  • Configuration example of the config.toml file
  GroupID = XXX
  Token = "xxxxxxxx"
  Proxy = "http://name:pass@proxy:port"

  refreshScanner = true

    imageName = "myApp"
    tag = "latest"
    uuid = "xxxxxxxx"

    targetPath = "/xxx/xxx"
    uuid = "xxxxxxxx"
  • Option
Item Description Requirement
GroupID ID of the group to upload scan results to
Token Token with scanning privileges
Proxy Proxy server to go through in case of a proxy environment -
refreshScanner Whether to update the scanner on every scan
Specify with true or false