About CSIRT Plan

CSIRT Plan is a plan for security departments responsible for managing vulnerabilities across multiple systems.

Additional Features of CSIRT Plan

In addition to all the features of the Standard Plan, CSIRT Plan has functions for efficiently managing multiple systems.

Group Set

  • Function to manage multiple groups across systems
  • Capability to batch set software as exempt from vulnerability management
  • Dashboard function displaying vulnerability count trends and number of days since task creation
  • Cross-system software search function (asset management) within the group set
  • Cross-system search function for GPL-based OSS licenses (asset management) within the group set

Automatic Triage

  • Advanced automatic triage using SSVC
  • Function to automatically alert based on pre-set rules
  • Function to automatically hide based on pre-set rules

High-frequency Detection Processing

In addition to uploads from scanners, scheduled scanning several times a day is performed for more frequent detection of new vulnerabilities.

The automatic scheduled scan is processed using information from the FutureVuls service. Matching processing is performed using configuration information registered with the service and the latest vulnerability database at that time. Even if a server on a closed network environment not connected to the internet is registered using paste scan, vulnerabilities are continuously detected at the time new vulnerabilities are released.

Management Functionality for Enterprise Environments

For other differences between plans, please check FutureVuls HP > Price.

Switching to CSIRT Plan

  • A separate inquiry is required to switch to the CSIRT Plan.
  • Please inquire from FutureVuls HP.
  • After the CSIRT Plan contract, only users with owner and CSIRT privileges can use the CSIRT screen.

Granting CSIRT Privileges

  • Log in as a user with organization owner privileges
  • Click the settings button for the person to whom you want to grant CSIRT privileges in Members of the organization settings page Organization Settings Page
  • Select CSIRT image