Integration with External Services

By integrating with various external services, you can manage vulnerabilities more comfortably and securely.

Cloud One Integration

Cloud One integration helps manage vulnerability management for servers with CloudOne installed.

  • Updates Cloud One’s defense rules based on vulnerability information detected by FutureVuls.
  • Automatically updates tasks for vulnerabilities defended by CloudOne to WORK_AROUND.

GitHub Security Alerts Integration

GitHub Security Alerts integration allows you to manage vulnerabilities detected in GitHub repositories with FutureVuls.

AWS Integration

AWS integration helps manage vulnerabilities for servers and container images on AWS.

GCP Integration (Deprecated)

GCP integration allows you to manage vulnerabilities for container images detected in GCP Container Registry with FutureVuls.

WordPress Integration

WordPress integration uses the vulnerability database of, which has over 20,000 vulnerability information related to WordPress, to automatically retrieve and manage a list of WordPress cores, plugins, and themes.

Slack Integration

Slack integration notifies Slack of daily summaries of detected vulnerabilities.

SAML Integration

SAML integration enables SSO login through the authentication infrastructure managed by your organization.