Basic usage of FutureVuls screen

FutureVuls Screen Configuration

FutureVuls uses panes and data tables to efficiently display and manage large amounts of data.

A pane displays the hierarchy of data drill-downs, and FutureVuls allows displaying data while drilling down up to 3 levels. Additionally, the data table allows incrementally searching and sorting columns.


The items displayed on the second pane are filtered by the value selected in the first pane.

Switching Pane Configuration

By default, the left half is the first pane, and the upper right is the second pane, and the lower right is the third pane.

You can switch the configuration of the panes by clicking the button on the upper right.

You can display panes according to the orientation and size of your screen. Pane display settings are saved locally and will remain the same when you reopen the page.

Switch pane configuration button

1. Default configuration

Pane configuration - Default

2. Vertical configuration

Pane configuration - Vertical

3. Horizontal configuration

Pane configuration - Horizontal

Data Table

Keyboard Operations

You can select a row using the “↑↓” arrow keys. Press “Enter” to open the pane of the selected row.


Each column can be sorted by clicking on it.

Column sorting

If you want to sort multiple rows, press “Ctrl” while clicking on the header of the column.


You can filter each table and narrow down the items.

Column filtering

When a filter is set, the filter icon displays a number.

Filter icon with a number

Rearranging columns

You can rearrange the order of columns by dragging them. The reordered column order is saved locally and will remain the same when you reopen the page on the same PC and browser.

Show and Hide Columns

Clicking the “Column list” button allows you to customize the display items. By default, all items are displayed. You can create a more readable list by selecting the items to display based on your environment.

Updating Data

The data list obtained once is cached locally. Although it takes some time to obtain data for the first time, the data can be displayed smoothly by using the local cache when switching tabs.

This local cache is refreshed with the latest data when the data is updated, reloaded, or re-obtained.

Click the “Data Update” icon to refresh the data.

Data update icon

Line spacing

Click on the “Line spacing” button to customize the height of table rows in three different levels. Please choose the height that is comfortable to read.

CSV Download

You can download various list data in CSV format from “Export” > “CSV Download”. The output will maintain the filter and sort settings.

CSV Download button

Setting page

You can access the various setting page from the icon on the upper right corner of the screen.