Integration with GCP

How to Integrate with GCP

By registering GCP authentication information, it is possible to use FutureVuls more conveniently.

The GCP services currently integrated with FutureVuls are as follows:

  • Docker Image Scan
    • You can register GCP Docker Images as FutureVuls servers and scan them.

Integration Procedure

Register authentication information in FutureVuls using GCP service roles.

Configuration in GCP

  • Log in to GCP
  • Enable Container Analysis API
    • If it is disabled, an error dialog saying “GCP Project ID is incorrect” will be displayed in the following steps
  • Click “IAM & Admin”->“Service Accounts”->“Create Service Account” image
  • Enter the necessary information and click “Create” image
  • Add “Viewer” and “Container Analysis Administrator” to the role and click “Continue” image
  • Click “Create Key”, confirm that the key is in JSON format, and click “Create”. This key will be used in the latter part of the procedure. image
  • Click “Done” to complete the service account creation.

Configuration in FutureVuls

  • Open the external settings of FutureVuls and click “Add” in the GCP card. image

  • Register the authentication JSON of the service role obtained from GCP. image

  • Once the authentication information is displayed, the configuration is complete. image

Removing Configuration

  • Click the trash button next to the authentication information. image

  • Once you have set up authentication information, you cannot update it. Please delete and recreate it.