Windows Scan

About Windows Scan

With FutureVuls, you can detect and manage vulnerabilities in Windows using both installed and uninstalled Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) updates. CVE-IDs contained in uninstalled KB updates are detected as vulnerabilities that may exist in the client.

By converting KB to CVE, you can judge them using the same indicators as other management targets, such as Linux or libraries. You can also perform triage and response based on information such as warning information and attack codes.

Windows in any environment can be scanned, including:

  • Environment that can connect to Internet Windows Update
  • Environment under WSUS
  • Offline environment / when scanner cannot be installed

For more information on vulnerability detection, refer to here.

Please refer to Supported Environment for scan targets.

Detecting vulnerabilities using Windows Scanner

This is a method of installing a Windows scanner on the client and detecting vulnerabilities. Use this method primarily if scanner installation is possible.

Scanner installation

Refer to the tutorial for installation method.