Installation on Linux

Install scanner on Linux server to detect vulnerabilities.

Install scanner

Browse to the installation command on the FutureVuls screen and execute it on the Linux server to install the scanner.

  • The scanner installation must be performed with root privileges.
  • For servers via proxy, it is necessary to be able to access the Internet via curl.
    • Please refer to FAQ in the manual for details.

Verify installation commands

  • From the account icon in the upper right corner, click Group Settings and select Scanner from the left tab. install-linux-scanner

  • Set options as needed.

You can select scan modeor specify a proxy server. If not required, leave the default values as they are.

Item Description
VULS_SCAN_MODE Select whether to grant Root privileges when executing the scan. Grant Root privileges when executing scan.
 FAST-ROOT: Capable of obtaining information such as whether or not the package needs to be restarted and the status of process startup.
 FAST: Do not grant Root privilege at scan execution. Information not available.
VULS_SCAN_OFFLINE Select online scan or offline scan.
 -(No Value): Performs scans in the online environment, which is the normal scan mode.
 OFFLINE: Unsupported OS available.
AUTO_REFRESH_BINARY Configure scanner auto-update.
 TRUE: Update the scanner binary at each scan.
 FALSE: Do not automatically update the scanner binary.
VULS_PROXY If you are using a proxy environment, specify the URL of the proxy server to go through.

SeeManualfor details.

  • Copy the installation script and run it on the target server.
root@scan01:~# curl -s | VULS_SAAS_GROUPID="nnn" VULS_SAAS_TOKEN="xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx" VULS_SCAN_MODE="fast-root" bash -s inst
2019/05/01 00:00:00 [START ]: Install scanner.
2019/05/01 00:00:00 [SUCCESS ]: Check root user.
2019/05/01 00:00:00 [SUCCESS ]: Check distribution. [OS: ubuntu]
2019/05/01 00:00:00 [SUCCESS ]: Check Architecture [arch: x86_64]
2019/05/01 00:00:30 [SUCCESS ]: Install package. [debian-goodies]
2019/05/01 00:00:30 [SUCCESS ]: Create user and group. [user: vuls-saas / group: vuls-saas]
2019/05/01 00:00:30 [SUCCESS ]: Create directory. [/opt/vuls-saas]
2019/05/01 00:00:30 [SUCCESS ]: Create directory. [/var/log/vuls]
2019/05/01 00:00:35 [SUCCESS ]: Download binary. [/opt/vuls-saas/vuls   type: linux_x86_64]
2019/05/01 00:00:35 [SUCCESS ]: Download script. [/opt/vuls-saas/]
2019/05/01 00:00:35 [SUCCESS ]: Create config. [/opt/vuls-saas/config.toml]
2019/05/01 00:00:35 [SUCCESS ]: Create sudoers. [/etc/sudoers.d/vuls-saas]
2019/05/01 00:00:35 [SUCCESS ]: Create cron. [/etc/cron.d/vuls-saas-scan]
2019/05/01 00:00:35 [END ]: Install scanner finish.
  • The scan will now automatically run daily at a time +5 minutes after the installation completion time.

First manual scan

The first automatic scan will be performed 5 minutes after the installation completion time, but you can also perform it manually if you want to scan now.

Run /opt/vuls-saas/ with the vuls-saas user privileges as follows.

  • Running as the vuls-saas user with sudo.
root@scan01:~# sudo -H -u vuls-saas /opt/vuls-saas/ >/dev/null 2>&1
  • To switch to the vuls-saas user and run.
root@scan01:~# su - vuls-saas
vuls-saas@scan01:~$ /opt/vuls-saas/

After the scan is finished, it will be reflected on the web screen after a while. If it is not reflected after waiting a few minutes, look at the log.

The execution result is recorded in the following file, so please look at the error and check the cause.

  • /opt/vuls-saas/scan.log
    • The success or failure of the scan is written in this file.
    • If the scan is unsuccessful, of course the report information will not be uploaded to FutureVuls.
  • /opt/vuls-saas/report.log
    • This will contain a report of the scan results and any errors uploading to FutureVuls.
    • If the upload fails, it may be due to proxy, etc.

Check scan time

The scan time is set based on the installation time. Change this if necessary.

  • The schedule is described in /etc/cron.d/vuls-saas-scan.
    • By default, it is set to +5 minutes after the scanner install time.
    • This is the format of cron, so change it as needed.
root@scan01:~# cat /etc/cron.d/vuls-saas-scan
5 0 * * * vuls-saas /opt/vuls-saas/ >/dev/null 2>&1