FAQs for CSIRT plans

Can I do a free trial?

Yes, you can.

To start the trial, please register first by clicking the button at the upper right corner of the following page. https://vuls.biz/

After that, please follow the Tutorial to create a new organization. After creating a new organization, please tell us your URL from Contact Us.


We will configure the settings for xxx organization.

  • Enable CSIRT function
  • Set trial expiration date

Can you issue a quotation?

Yes, we can. Please contact us at Inquiry.

What is the payment method?

CSIRT plans are paid by invoice.

What is the minimum contract quantity and term?

The minimum contract is 100 units and the minimum contract period is 1 year. If you wish to start small, please use the Standard plan, which is available for one unit and one month.

I want to increase the number of units under contract.

Additional contracts are available in increments of 100 units. Please contact us at Inquiry.

Are scanners different between Standard and CSIRT?

The scanners are the same. The function is different.

How do I count the number of servers in the CSIRT plan?

It is the total number of deduplicated UUIDs scanned in a month. A pseudo server is also counted as one server. It is the same as the number of servers shown in the Servers tab if you do not delete servers regularly.

The current total number of servers for the entire organization can be found at “Organization Settings > Total Number of Registered Servers”.

What happens if the number of servers temporarily exceeds the contracted number?

If you temporarily exceed the limit due to reasons such as server migration, we will not issue an invoice immediately, but please remove the servers as soon as possible so that they fall within the contracted number. FutureVuls will check the number of servers at the beginning of each month and will contact you if it remains over the limit for more than one month. The number of servers currently in use will be displayed on the Organization Settings page.

I want to change the subscriber.

Please contact us at Contact Us.