FAQs for Standard Plan

Can I get a quote?

No, Standard plans cannot issue quotes. CSIRT plans can issue quotations.

What is the payment method?

Standard plan accepts credit card only. CSIRT plan is invoice payment.

What is the minimum contract quantity and term?

The minimum contract is 1 unit for 1 month.

How is the fee calculated?

Monthly pay-as-you-go billing. Please refer to Service Specifications for details.

What is the difference from CSIRT plan?

CSIRT plan is a higher level plan of Standard plan, and you can use the following features in addition to all the features of Standard plan.

  • Management across multiple groups
  • Automatic triage function
  • Audit log function

For details, please refer to Help>CSIRT Plan.

Can I switch to a CSIRT plan during the process?

Yes, you can. Please contact us at Contact Us.

Can I change my subscriber or credit card?

Yes, you can. Log in as a user with organization owner privileges and go to “Doll icon in the upper right corner” > “Organization Settings” > “Billing Information” and “Payment Information” to change them.

The billing email address you set here is required to confirm billing information. Please use a mailing list or other means to ensure that users who wish to view or change their billing information will receive the email.

I want to check my invoice on the screen.

For those who pay by credit card, the invoice can be viewed on screen. Open the Customer Portal by clicking on the doll icon in the upper right corner > Organization Settings > View Billing Information. To view the invoice, you need to authenticate with your billing email address.


You can also view and update your billing information and download receipts from the following page. You can also check your past billing history.