Trivy Scanning FAQs

Trivy scan not reflected in FutureVuls

If you have performed a Trivy scan and it is not reflected in FutureVuls, it is possible that the scan or upload failed. Please check the log and take action.

How to check logs

  • In the case of the normal version
    • Logs are output to /opt/vuls-trivy-saas/vuls-trivy.log.
  • In case of lightweight version
    • Logs are output to CLI at runtime.


  • In case of Not Authorized type error
    • Please grant read permission to the target docker image or application library.
  • If the problem cannot be resolved
    • Please contact us at Contact Us with the attached logs.

I want to add a feature to Trivy.

The FutureVuls Contact Center does not accept inquiries for requests to add functions to Trivy. Trivy is an OSS project developed and maintained by the community. Please register issue in the GitHub project of Trivy by yourself and propose your request for additional functions. If you have improved the source code by yourself, you can also request the source code to be modified by the OSS through pull request. Issue and pull requests must be submitted in English.