Windows Scanning FAQ

I get an error during installation.

Please refer to manual and check the following

  • Is the command prompt being run with administrator privileges?
  • If the server to be installed is under a proxy, refer to proxy settings. Download binary failure.[type: linux_x86_64]
  • Is the command you executed correct?

If you see the following, the command you pasted is wrong, so copy it again and execute it.

"[ERROR]: args not found."

Is it necessary to install the scanner program on Windows?

Paste scan can detect vulnerabilities without using a scanner.

Can you detect vulnerabilities in applications that are not managed by Windows Update?

As of June 1, 2020, it is not possible to detect vulnerabilities in applications not managed by Windows Update. You can manually register and detect them by manually register and detect CPE.

I want to know what information is uploaded to FutureVuls.

The information uploaded is as follows.

key value description
jsonVersion 3 JSON version (used inside FutureVuls)
lang en Language settings for server to be scanned
serverName DESKTOP-xxxx Server name to be scanned
family windows OS Type
release Microsoft Windows 10 Home Version,10.0.17134 OS Version
serverUUID xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx UUID(FutureVuls内部で利用)
packages {
 “7-Zip 18.05 (x64 edition)”: {
  “name”: “7-Zip 18.05 (x64 edition)”,
  “version”: “18.05 .00.0”
List of installed software
optional {
 “AppliedKBID”: [“5006672”, “4535680”],
 “UnappliedKBID”: [“5011503”]
List of applied and unapplied KBIDs
config {
 “Servers”: {
  “localhost”: {
   “Host”: “localhost”,
   " UUID": “xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx”,
   “WinUpdateSrc”: “2”,
   “IgnoredJSONKeys”: null
 “Proxy”: {
  “ProxyURL”: “”,
  “BypassList”: “"
&emsp ;}
Scanner Settings
scannedAt 2022-03-10T06:05:16.3427967Z Time scanned
scannedVersion v0.1.14 scanner version
scannedRevision build-3d5127e scannedRevision
scannedBy localhost scanner machine
scannedVia localhost IP of the scanner machine

The latest vulnerability is not detected

If the Service Stack Update installed on the client PC is out of date, the latest The latest vulnerabilities will not be detected. Please update to the latest Service Stack Update and try again.

The update program that should have been applied is detected as an unapplied KB

There are several patterns in which the update program that should have been applied is detected as unapplied:

  • Restart is required to complete the installation.
  • The corresponding update program is not properly installed.
  • The corresponding update program was uninstalled after being applied.

Please try installing the corresponding update program from the GUI or other means, and after restarting, please try rescanning.