FAQ on user management

Where is the user management manual?

User Management

Is there a limit to the number of users who can log in to the console?

No, there is no limit.

After removing a user from a group, I cannot join the group without receiving an email with a temporary password even if I invite the user again.

If you remove a user from a group, the user is removed from the group, but the user information remains. This is because a user can join multiple organizations and groups, and even if a user is removed from one group, the user will remain in the other organizations and groups.

If you want to invite a user who was once removed from a group, please log in again as the invited user and “accept” the invitation.

If you forgot your password, please reset your password from “Forgot your password?

To cancel your membership from all organizations and groups, please go to cancellation method>User’s withdrawal.

My temporary password expired or was lost without logging in after invitation

Users whose temporary password has expired (14 days) or who have lost their invitation email cannot change their password from the “Forgot Password? Please follow the steps below to cancel the invitation to “All groups currently invited” and then invite the user to the group again. 1.

  1. log in as an organization owner
  2. go to Organization Settings > Members > Remove Member from Group and delete the currently invited user. Invite the user to the group again.

I want to change my e-mail address.

Due to the specification, the email address cannot be changed. After registering a new user, please Unsubscribe User.

If you want to make a newly registered user an organization owner or group administrator, please refer to Change User Authority.

I want to disable MFA that has already been set up.

Go to the User Settings->Profilescreen and setDisable Two Factor Authentication`.
If you have forgotten your MFA key and cannot log in, please use the Contact Us form to make a request.

When does a user become “joined” after being invited?

As described in Manual>User Management, when a user is invited to a group, an invitation e-mail is sent to the address of the invited user. At this point, the Group Settings>Members>Status will show “Invited”.

The invited user then changes his/her password as described in the e-mail and logs in. At this point, the member status is still “Inviting”.

When the invitee clicks the “Accept” button on the user settings screen, the invitee becomes a member of the corresponding organization/group, and the member’s status is changed to “Participate”.

At this point, the member status is still “Invited”.

When the invitee clicks the “Accept” button on the user settings page, the member is already a member of the organization/group and the member status will be changed to “Joined”.

How long is my login valid?

Logins are valid for 30 days on FutureVuls. If there has been no activity for 30 days since your last login, you will need to login again.

This setting is the same even if the user has an SSO login; as of 2022/07/26, this period cannot be changed by the user.

How to make an existing user SSO login required

To force SSO login for users who are already logged in with email address & password in your organization, you need to enable “Invite SSO users only” in Organization settings > Security > SSO settings. After that, you can follow one of the following procedures:

  • Invite the target user as an SSO user by keeping them included in the organization
  • Delete the target user’s account (see here) and invite them as a completely new SSO user

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